The teacher’s relationship with the student, the industry in the car; Water turned on the job

The female teacher was found to be sending pornographic material to the student and encouraging him to have an affair.

...तर तुम्हाला  CO-WIN वर ब्लॉक करणार; कोरोना लशीच्या नोंदणीबाबत नवा नियम

Recognition of COVISHIELD from UK, but passenger problems ‘as they were’! Know the reason

New Delhi, 22 September : Covishield vaccine by British government after pressure from India (Britain approves Covishield but not Cowin

दुसरा डोस घेण्यास गेलेल्या महिलेला कोव्हॅक्सिनऐवजी दिला कोविशल्डचा डोस, महिला रुग्णालयात दाखल

The English have died! UK finally approves COVISHIELD, decision within 24 hours after Indian pressure

New Delhi, 22 September : After Indian pressure, Britain finally got Covishield vaccine (Britain approves Covishield vaccine after pressure from

Relieve the state from the third wave of corona ?, the state government is ready

Mu variants of unvaccinated corona raise global concern, WHO warns

Mumbai, September 2: It’s been a year and a half since the world fell victim to the coronavirus. The worldwide



A big change in the rules of cricket, the word ‘this’ will be used instead of ‘batsman’!

Mumbai, September 22: The Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC), which rules cricket, has made another major change. The word ‘batter’ will