Apple iPhone चा झाला ॲपल ज्युस; डिलीव्हरी पार्सल उघडताच महिलेला शॉक

Apple iPhone becomes Apple Juice; Woman shocked as delivery parcel opens | Crime

The woman had to pay Rs one lakh. Beijing, March 01: Everyone dreams of having an Apple iPhone. Many raise

Hijab Compulsion: मुस्लीम नसाल तरी या देशात घालावा लागतो हिजाब, आता बदलणार 60 नियम

This country has made hijab compulsory for non-Muslim women and girls as well as Muslims. News

The hijab is still considered important by Muslims. But Indonesia’s liberal government is now pushing for the abolition of the

अध्यक्षपद सोडल्यानंतर पहिल्यांदाच दिसले ट्रम्प, नव्या पक्षाबाबत केली मोठी घोषणा

Trump made his first big announcement after leaving the presidency News

Former United States President Donald Trump is attending a public event for the first time since leaving the White House.

बापरे! असली कसली शेवटची इच्छा, मुलांनी वडिलांच्या अस्थी बारमधील गटारात केल्या विसर्जित

Dad! What a last wish, the children immersed in the gutter in the father’s bone bar Videsh

The siblings have buried the bones of their late father in the gutter in their favorite bar. The family is


IND vs ENG : भारताविरुद्धच्या खराब कामगिरीनंतर इंग्लंडला मिळणार तीन नवे कोच!

IND vs ENG: England will get three new coaches after poor performance against India! | News

England (India vs England), which is facing difficulties on the Indian pitch, will now get new coaches. The England Cricket