Anju in Pakistan | Anju went from India to Pakistan, became Fatima, married friend Nasrullah, changed religion too

Photo: Video Screengrab New Delhi: Big news is coming out about Anju, an Indian girl who reached Pakistan from India. According to reports, Anju and Nasrullah of Direbala got married. Not only this, Anju has changed her religion to Islam and has taken the new Islamic name Fatima. Pakistani news website Geo. According to tv, the senior police officer of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province told on Monday that the Indian woman who has come here (Pakistan) to meet her friend Nasrullah. She is living happily in her new home. He also said that the local people have presented gifts to Anju and she is happy here. Meanwhile, a video of Anju has also gone viral. Indian Christian girl #Anju, a has accepted Islam in KPK city Dirbala and married with Pakistani Nasrullah. 35-year-old Anju has been given the Islamic name Fatima. Both have also shared a video of their visit to various tourist spots in Deerbala. Police also informed that she has come to Pakistan from India for love and is living here happily. Mushtaq Khan, District Police Officer of Upper Dir district, said, “The investigation into Anju coming to Pakistan has been completed. She has come to Pakistan on one month visit visa and all her documents are valid and correct. Anju does not want to talk to any media for interview. Who is Anju? Anju, a resident of Calor in Uttar Pradesh, was married in the year 2007 to a man named Arvind from Rajasthan. Since then she has been living in Rajasthan. Anju has two children. Talking to a media channel, Anju said, “She came in contact with Nasrulla through Facebook. At the same time talks started with Nasrullah. Later we exchanged each other’s numbers and started chatting on WhatsApp. I have known Nasrullah for two-three years. I told this to my sister and mother on the first day itself.

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