China | China removes ‘missing’ foreign minister Qin Gang, Wang Yi gets responsibility

Beijing: China’s Foreign Minister Qin Gang has been removed from the post and Wang Yi has been given the responsibility of Foreign Minister in his place. Qin Gang, who has been ‘missing’ for almost a month, has been relieved by Dragon on Tuesday (July 25). China’s top legislature convened a session on Tuesday to review draft criminal law amendments and decisions on official appointment and removal, according to the Chinese newspaper Global Times. In this meeting, Qin Gang was removed from the post of Foreign Minister and Wang Yi was appointed as Foreign Minister. According to Chinese media reports, Qin Gang has been missing for a long time because of his relationship with a female journalist. He was last seen on 25 June during a meeting with Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Rudenko Andrey Yuryevich. However, China’s Foreign Ministry denied this and said that Gang has health problems, due to which he is not visible.

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