World Password Day | Now the hassle of remembering passwords will be over! Google launched this technology

File Photo Mumbai: We all use Google. Also, we use some apps related to YouTube, Gmail, Bank in our phone. Means you have your account in it. That’s why we create strong passwords so that no one can do anything wrong with your account or your data. But many times we forget the passwords of these accounts or we do not remember them because of many passwords. Now Google has brought a new update for it. So let’s know what is this update and how users will benefit from it…. Your account will be safe and easy to use Google is going to stop the password system you have been using till now. Google will soon release an update called Passkey to the public. This will make your account secure and easy to use. This new technology has been introduced before ‘World Password Day’. After the introduction of the new Passkey feature, the use of Google Account and all other Google services will completely change. If you’ve forgotten your account password, there’s a lot you’ll need to do to recover it. You have to enter your mobile number, Gmail ID. Apart from this, many things have to be done. But with Google Passkey, you can use biometrics across apps and websites. These include fingerprint, face scan or screen lock PIN. This technology is not only more secure than ever but can also protect you from online attacks and fake scams. Also read Google introduces Passkeys feature Google has started rolling out this newly released update on multiple platforms. That includes Google Chrome and Android. It is being used in many big companies. Users can start this service by going to the passkey. Google says that it will take some time for this service to be fully operational.

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