Whatsapp | WhatsApp issued a statement on international scam calls after IT Ministry’s notice, said this

New Delhi: WhatsApp has issued a statement to the users regarding the scam calls coming on the app (International Scam Calls). WhatsApp users in the country have noticed a rise in incoming international spam video and audio calls. After which a notice was sent to WhatsApp to the IT Ministry. A WhatsApp spokesperson said that it is using AI and ML to reduce these spam incidents by about 50%. The statement said that Meta aims to protect the security and privacy of users. WhatsApp spokesperson said WhatsApp is a leader in end-to-end encrypted services in protecting user security. We continue to provide a number of security tools within WhatsApp such as block and report, continually build user security education and awareness, as well as proactively remove bad actors from our platform. However, bad actors find different ways to defraud users. International scam calls are a new tactic that bad actors have been adopting lately. By giving missed calls, they trick eager users into calling or messaging them only to fall prey to the scam. WhatsApp is a leader among end-to-end encrypted services in protecting user safety. We continue to provide several safety tools within WhatsApp like Block & Report, consistently build user safety education & awareness, as well as, proactively weed out bad-actors from our… pic.twitter.com/BSEtOBGnrK — ANI (@ANI) May 11 Therefore, we have rapidly scaled up our AI and ML systems to significantly reduce such incidents, the spokesperson said. Our new enforcement will reduce the current calling rate by at least 50% and we expect to be able to effectively control the current incidents. We will continue to work hard to ensure a safe and secure experience for our users.

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