Whatsapp new feature | The fun of chatting on WhatsApp will increase, learn how to chat with fancy font

File Photo Mumbai: The use of WhatsApp has increased so much these days that if someone wants to convey something or send an important document, we say I WhatsApp. That’s why these days, from sending messages to calling and video calling and sending important documents, work is done on WhatsApp. Now this WhatsApp chat is going to be even more intense and colourful. In such a situation, today we are telling you such a trick which will double the fun of chatting. The font of WhatsApp can be changed. But still WhatsApp does not provide any such feature, then third party apps will help you in this work. The name of this app is Stylish Text – Font Keyboard. We tell you how you can use this app… How to change the font of chatting on WhatsApp First of all you have to go to the play store. Then type Stylish Text – Fonts keyboard and install this app. After downloading open the app and tap on the arrow at the bottom right corner of the screen. Then tap on the Agree button that appears. Then go to the Keyboard section in the bottom right corner. Then tap Enable Keyboard. Then enable Stylish Text keyboard. After that you can use stylish font by going to WhatsApp. Also read Mute Unknown Call Another new feature is going to come in WhatsApp and according to the information that has come out, the call coming from an unknown number in WhatsApp will be automatically on WhatsApp. Will be silent. This feature will be brought by the company. According to a report, the company is going to bring this feature with Android update. With its help, calls from an unknown number can be silenced. The setting to silence unknown numbers will be in the privacy option in WhatsApp’s settings. This feature can be used as soon as the setting is turned on. This number will definitely show up in the notification and call log to find out later when the phone is on silent.

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