Whatsapp New Feature | Now your chats will be more secure, WhatsApp launched this amazing feature

File Photo Mumbai: WhatsApp is a social media platform. Through this we can communicate with each other. Also its parent company is Meta, its CEO is Mark Zuckerberg. WhatsApp has been launching new updates and features for its users for the past few days. The company has also brought a new feature for the users. So let’s know after all what is this featureā€¦ What exactly is the chat lock feature? According to a report, recently the company has launched a feature that allows you to use your account on four different devices at the same time. allows. After this, the company has introduced the chat lock feature for its users. Some beta users of WhatsApp will now be able to use the new chat lock feature. This is a great feature because now you don’t need to completely close your WhatsApp to hide your chats with this feature. Instead, users will only be able to hide the chats they want to hide. Keeping in mind the users, it is also being claimed that the photos or videos from the locked chat will not be automatically downloaded in the phone’s gallery. Also read How to Enable Chat Lock Feature First of all you should go to your WhatsApp contacts profile. Then scroll down and click on the Chat Lock option. The Lock this chat with fingerprint option must be enabled. After this your chat will be completely locked. WhatsApp has currently rolled out this feature for select users. The platform has released this update for some beta testers. It will be rolled out to all users in the coming weeks.

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