Whatsapp New Feature | Message can be edited for 15 minutes on WhatsApp, feature will come soon, Zuckerberg gave information

File Photo Mumbai: Messages sent on WhatsApp can now be edited for up to 15 minutes. Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced this recently. This feature has started rolling out for users. All users will get these features in the next few weeks. To edit, tap on the message, and then click on the Edit option in the menu to change the message. ‘Edit’ will also appear next to the message, so that the person receiving the message knows that the message has been changed. But the change in it will not be visible to others. WhatsApp said users will have more control over chat WhatsApp says you can edit your message when you make a mistake or change your mind. This will fix grammatical errors and add additional information to the message. With this, users will get more control over their chat. Even edited messages like personal messages, calls and media will be saved by end-to-end encryption. Read this too Chat can be locked on WhatsApp Messaging app WhatsApp has also launched the chat lock feature. Through this, users can lock any group or individual chat. After this feature only you will be able to access your chats. For this you have to use device PIN or biometrics lock. Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced the feature via a Facebook post. He said that the new lock feature in WhatsApp will make your chats more secure. Chats will be in a password protected folder. It will not show the content of the notification or message.

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