Whatsapp | How to download WhatsApp video? these are easy steps

File Photo Mumbai: WhatsApp is the most popular instant messaging platform across the world. Through this app, users can not only send text messages to each other but can also make photo, video, audio and voice calls. At the same time, users can also share photos, videos and text on WhatsApp status. Videos received on message can be easily downloaded. Here we are going to tell you how to download video on WhatsApp. Download WhatsApp Video Step 1: First go to the WhatsApp chat from where you want to download the video. Step 2: Here you will see three icons below the video. Where you will see the size of the video. You can download the video by clicking on it. If you have downloaded the video earlier and want to download it again, you have to open the video and click on the three dot menu on the right side. Here you can download the video by clicking on the save button. How to Download WhatsApp Status Video Status feature on WhatsApp has come in the year 2017. Users can share videos, photos and text through status. Downloading status videos or photos shared by users in your contact list is a difficult task. But today we are going to tell you some such tips, with the help of which you can download status videos and photos in seconds. Step 1 via Files by Google app: First of all download the Files By Google app from Google Play Store on your phone. Step 2 : Open this app. Here tap on the menu icon appearing on the left side and go to Settings. Step 3: Turn on the toggle opposite ‘Show hidden files’ in Settings. Step 4: Now go to internal storage from the app. After this open the WhatsApp folder. Open Media folder in WhatsApp folder. Read this also then open status folder. Here you will see videos and photos on WhatsApp status. It can be copied and pasted from here to another folder or even shared.

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