Twitter vs Instagram | Instagram will give tough competition to Twitter, will launch text based free app soon

File Photo Mumbai: Tesla CEO Elon Musk acquired social media platform Twitter in October 2022. Musk has since made Twitter subscription-based. Many users on Twitter are upset that they have to pay for Blue Tick. In such a situation, Instagram is coming up with a new text-based app to compete with Twitter. It would be like Twitter. But it will be completely free for the users. Meanwhile, many Twitter users are upset after the introduction of paid subscriptions. Also, many users have stopped using Twitter. In such a situation, he was looking for another option like Twitter. But now Instagram is going to fulfill this wish of those users. Following Twitter’s policy change, there has been an increase in demand for other social media apps like Twitter, such as Mastodon and BlueSky. All these platforms were started by Jack Dorsey, the founder of Twitter. Now Facebook’s parent company Meta has jumped into this race. New app may launch in June Meta is testing its new app with celebrities and influencers. This new app will be rolled out to select manufacturers in the coming months. The new app will be completely different from the Instagram app. But if users want, they can attach their Instagram account with it. Instagram’s new app may be launched in June this year. Also Read What will the new app look like? The name of this app has not been revealed yet. But some details have definitely been leaked. According to this, the interface of the app will be similar to Instagram. Instead of a feed of photos and videos, the app’s home will feature a timeline of “text-based” posts. There will be a facility to post photos and videos like Twitter. The app will allow users to attach photos, videos and links to posts. The platform will allow other users to reply to these posts and create threads. Meta plans to make it easier for users to access the new app. Users of the app will also have the option to follow accounts they already follow on Instagram with a single tap.

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