Twitter Post Reading Limit | Twitter: Users are opposing Musk’s decree on the limit of reading posts of verified accounts

File photo SAN FRANCISCO: Elon Musk, the owner of social media platform Twitter, has set a limit of 600 tweets a day on most users, after thousands of users reported difficulty in reading tweets on Saturday. Complained. Musk described the move as an exercise to prevent potentially valuable data from being stolen from the micro-blogging site. The impact of the move started showing itself from Saturday morning with more than 7,500 people complaining about the use of the social media service at one point of time. Due to this, the hashtag ‘Twitterdown’ kept trending in many parts of the world. A day before this, Twitter implemented the compulsion to login to the micro-blogging site to read tweets and view profiles. Musk tweeted on Friday that the new restrictions were a temporary step. “Our data was being stolen which was causing a drop in the quality of service for the general users,” he said. He tweeted on Saturday to announce that unverified account users would temporarily be able to read 600 posts per day while verified account users would be able to read 6,000 posts per day. Earlier this year, Musk charged verified accounts $8 a month to boost Twitter’s revenue and laid off three-quarters of its staff to cut costs.

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