Twitter Calling | Now you can make audio-video calls from Twitter, Elon Musk said this big thing

File Photo Delhi: A few days ago, the social media platform Twitter, which was in headlines for the Blue Tick issue, is now once again in the news. Because Twitter is preparing to bring some new features soon. Elon Musk, CEO of this microblogging website Twitter, has revealed that soon features like calling and encrypted messages will be available on Twitter. Officially announced it again by tweeting Last year (2022) Musk announced the concept of ‘Twitter 2.0 the Everything App’, saying that the social media site will now have new features like encrypted direct messages (DM), long-form tweets and payments Will be Now Musk has made its official announcement again by tweeting. Elon Musk tweeted that soon you will be able to do voice and video chat with your handle on this platform, so that you can talk to anyone around the world without changing the phone number. Meanwhile, now with all these features on Twitter, this app will also give a tough competition to Meta’s social media apps like Facebook and Instagram. Also read Inactive account will be removed soon According to reports, Twitter has started the process of deleting accounts that have been inactive for years this week. Musk had also said that the removal of many inactive accounts on the micro-blogging platform could lead to a decline in the followers of users. According to Twitter’s policy, users must log into their account at least once within 30 days. Due to which the account will not appear inactive for a long time and the account will not be deleted.

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