Threads | ‘Threads’ hit Twitter, got ‘so many’ crore users in a week

File Photo Mumbai: After Elon Musk bought Twitter, the famous American businessman left users confused by changing policies and introducing new rules. However, seeing the usefulness of Twitter, the users tolerated all this. In the background of all this, ‘Meta’ has given an option to Twitter by bringing Threads app. Its results are visible. Since its launch, the app has been setting new customer registration records. This app is being added to Instagram and the customers are benefiting a lot. This is considered a major reason for the rapid proliferation of threads. Instagram has about 235 crore monthly users. Beats chatgpt and tiktok too! The accounts of the users concerned are being temporarily linked to Instagram to see how many people have signed up for the ‘Threads’ service. So it is easy for new users of the thread to know the exact number. The number of existing users of ‘Threads’ is more than 10 crore 5 thousand 103. Threads has also left behind ChatGPT and TikTok to cross the 100 million users mark. ChatGPT crossed the 100 million mark in two months, while TikTok crossed the 100 million mark in 9 months. Instagram got 100 million users in two and a half years. Lags behind in many ways Although Threads is rapidly gaining popularity, it lacks many of the features found on Twitter and Mastodon. It has features like private messaging and functional search. The company is now allowing users to test the beta version of the Threads app on Android through the Google Play Store and sign up to try out new features. Beware of this risk! Since Instagram and Thread are intertwined, if you deactivate a Thread account, the Instagram account will be deactivated as well. Of course, Adam Mosseri, head of Instagram, has said that the company is working to independently deactivate the Threads account. Also read Uneasiness on Twitter The aggressive strategy of ‘Threads’ has created uneasiness in Twitter. Musk has threatened legal action against Meta. It’s also important to see how many people stay active on threads, even if they have 100 million users a week. According to Cloudflare CEO Matthew Prince, Twitter’s DNS ranking declined in the first six months of the year.

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