Threads App | Now Meta will compete with Twitter, released a new app ‘Threads’

London: Multinational company Meta has released a new app ‘Threads’ to compete with social media platform Twitter. This new app will directly challenge the social media platform owned by industrialist Elon Musk. ‘Threads’ is a ‘text’ (idea/message) sharing version of Meta’s photo sharing app Instagram. According to the company, the app will provide “freshly updated information and a new platform for public conversation”. The app became available on Apple and Google’s Android app stores in more than 100 countries, including the US, UK, Australia, Canada and Japan, after midnight on Wednesday. As soon as the app became available, celebrities such as chef Gordon Ramsay, pop stars Shakira and Mark Hoyle set up accounts on it. On this there is an option to ‘like’, ‘repost’, ‘reply’ and ‘quote’ any ‘thread’ (i.e. post). All these options are also available on Twitter. The company said, “We aim to provide a platform through ‘Threads’, which is more focused on ‘text’ (ideas/messages) and dialogue, like Instagram’s focus is on pictures and videos.” Also read In this new app, the character limit for a ‘post’ has been fixed at 500, while on Twitter it is 280. In this, links, pictures and videos up to five minutes long can be shared. Meta has put emphasis on measures to provide a secure platform to the users. Instagram’s Community Guidelines are implemented in this. Users can control who can reply to their ‘Threads’. However, security related questions are being raised regarding this new app of Meta. According to its data privacy information available on the App Store, Threads collects a wide range of personal information, including health, financial, contact, browsing and searching, location (your location), purchases and “sensitive information”. can collect. Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey tweeted, “All your threads belong to us,” while sharing a screenshot of the Threads information on the App Store. Responding to this tweet, Musk wrote, “Yes.” (agency)

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