smart watch for women | Smart watch launched for special women, know what are the features

Photo – Mumbai: Samsung has launched an Apple Watch-style women’s health tracker in its Galaxy Watch 5 series, which includes the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro and Galaxy Watch 5. It is available in 32 countries including Korea, the US and 30 European territories. This feature uses an infrared temperature sensor to provide more accurate menstrual cycle and health data. The new menstrual cycle tracker feature on the Galaxy Watch 5 is currently not available in India. The company has announced a partnership with NaturalCycle to track changes in skin temperature. Infrared temperature sensor will also provide information The South Korean firm has revealed Samsung’s new cycle tracking feature on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 and Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro. This smartwatch accurately tracks menstrual cycles using skin temperature. The company will use an infrared temperature sensor to provide users with more information about their body temperature and menstrual cycle. Also read It will analyze users’ body temperature and other key fertility details to determine ovulation details. According to Samsung, the data will be encrypted and stored on the user’s device.

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