Smart Pants | Now if you forget to close the pant chain then the message will come on your mobile

Source – Twittere@gvy_dvpont Mumbai: Technology has made life very easy. Technology has changed life by discovering things that we never even thought of. Thanks to technology, clothes are also becoming smart. One such smart pant has also come to the fore. This pant comes with a special feature, which alerts you as soon as your pant is opened. A notification pops up on your phone that could save you an embarrassing experience. Push notification in smartphone A Twitter user named Guy Dupont has brought this smart pant to the fore. He posted a video of the pants, in which push notifications are being sent to users’ smartphones when the chain of the pants is opened. He said in the post that he created these special pants following a friend’s suggestion. A friend asked him to design a pair of pants that could detect whether the zipper was open or not, and also send an alert if the zipper was open. In a video posted by DuPont, a sensor alerts him as soon as he unbuttons his pants. The name of this service is WiFly. With this service, an alert is sent to the phone immediately when the zip is down. If you know me, you know one of my favorite things to do is speedrun product ideas from my friends. One requested “Pants that detect when your flight is down for too long and send you a notification”. Currently seeking investors. — Guy Dupont (@gvy_dvpont) May 23, 2023 READ ALSO How does this system work? DuPont also explained how the whole techno works in a follow-up tweet. According to the tweet, he is sticking the hall effect sensor to his pants with a safety pin. It is visible in the tweet that there is a small type of device. It connects to the phone through an app and when the pant chain is opened, the notification goes directly to the phone. But there is also a big problem with this technology. Washing these pants is no easy task. Because water can damage its electronic components and sensors.

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