Sleep Alert Device | Do you feel sleepy while driving a car? Now this great device will save you from accidents, Indore student did a ‘special’ feat

Pic: ANI New Delhi/Indore. By the way, cases of road accidents have been seen and heard due to many reasons while driving a car, while one of these reasons is sleepiness while driving a car. At the same time, it has been found that due to fatigue during long journey, many times people’s eyes start getting heavy. Otherwise a big accident can also happen. This is a serious problem, which is being worked on. But now there is a way to avoid this too. Yes, in fact some promising students of Indore, MP have made an anti sleep alarm to avoid road accidents due to sleepy drivers. A student of this group told, “Anti sleep glasses have been installed in the anti sleep alarm, so that if the driver falls asleep while driving, its buzzer will ring and if the driver does not open his eyes, the wheel of the car will stop.” The student said that “we have made anti sleep alarm in which a sensor is installed, if the driver’s eyes are closed then buzzer rings and even after that the driver’s eyes do not open then the wheel of the car stops. I was inspired to make this from a bus accident in Hoshangabad… — ANI (@ANI) April 20, 2023 , said, “It took 3 weeks to make and the four of us made it. As of now it is a prototype, after that we will talk to the manufacturer, after that we will also try to launch it in the market. Significantly, such a device has been prepared in Nagpur, Maharashtra, which will alert you if you fall asleep while driving and will also save you from an accident. There is also news that, soon the Transport Department of Nagpur is preparing to install this device in the vehicles. However, it will be properly tested by installing it in only a few vehicles first. Only after that any concrete advance action will be taken on this. One more thing you will be surprised to know that, according to NCRB i.e. National Crime Records Bureau, 1.20 lakh people died in the country in the year 2020 due to negligent driving. At the same time, before this there were 1.36 lakh deaths in the year 2019 and 1.35 lakh deaths in the year 2018. Sleeping or napping are also prominently included in these carelessness. That’s why keep all these things in mind while driving.

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