Sanchar App Launch | mobile stolen? Don’t worry, it can be tracked with the help of ‘Yeh’ portal launched by the central government

File Photo Mumbai: Smartphone is used by everyone in the country. Many companies are launching mobile phones with new features. Everyone buys mobile phones according to their budget. But what if the smartphone you bought is lost or stolen? Everyday we come across incidents where mobile phones get stolen or lost. But now there is nothing to panic if your phone is stolen or lost. Because the central government has launched a new system to trace mobiles in such incidents. So let’s know what is this system and how it works… Launch of a special portal The Central Government has launched a special portal called Sanchar. Union Minister for Communications, Electronics & IT and Railways Ashwini Vaishnav launched the portal named ‘Sanchar Saathi’. The objective of launching the portal is to provide various reforms and services related to mobile connection and telecommunication. The new service can be accessed at On the occasion of the launch of this portal, the minister said, three things can be done through this portal. Through this portal, first of all, the work of blocking the lost or stolen mobile is done. Central Equipment Identity Register (CEIR) has been launched. It will be able to track and block lost or stolen phones anywhere in the country. Check mobile connections issued using your KYC details. Visit: Report unknown connections, if any to block. — Ashwini Vaishnaw (@AshwiniVaishnaw) May 16, 2023 Block can be done easily With the help of Sancharsathi portal, you can check your mobile connection. This second work can be done through this. This facility is Know Your Mobile (KYM). It will help users to login using their mobile number and check the statistics of how many mobile connections they have in their name. Which can be easily blocked. The third task to be done through Sanchar Saathi portal will be Licom SIM customer verification. For this, an AI and Facial Recognition (ASTR) powered solution has been launched. It is an AI based technology which facilitates mobile connection. It also includes features like IMEI-based phone theft alert messages to law enforcement agencies and owners. Furthermore, the system informs users if the same IMEI number has been used earlier while purchasing a mobile phone. Also read Cheating will stop The most important thing about this portal launched is that AI will be implemented to detect fraud cases. Using AI-powered tools developed by the Department of Telecommunications (DOT) and Param Siddhi supercomputer, the system has analyzed 87 million mobile connections and identified 4 million suspicious mobile numbers. 36 lakh mobile numbers have been deactivated. Also, 40 lakh suspicious mobile numbers have been identified. 36 lakh mobile numbers have been deactivated.

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