QR Code | Digital India’s unique initiative, now scan ‘QR Code’ for tax payment

File Photo Chennai: E-payment services are growing rapidly across the country. Now it will be easy to pay water or property tax or complain about non-supply of water. All you have to do is scan the QR code pasted on your home. A Metrowater official said the new facility has been launched as part of the state government’s efforts to implement citizen services through QR codes using e-governance and GIS technology. Meanwhile, the Greater Chennai Corporation (GCC) and Metrowater together have 80 lakh customers, all of whom will have QR codes pasted on their homes. An official said that at present every time a customer wants to send a complaint to GCC or Metrowater, he has to find the contact number of the concerned official or visit the office in person. Both of these are difficult, especially in summer or monsoon. However, this new feature will help avoid that, Metrowater’s . On the other hand, a corporation official said that trial runs have been done in the last few months to find out and rectify the glitches in the system. The government announced the use of QR codes only after the new system was complete and streamlined. Additionally, GCC and Metrowater will operate the system within the city limits. The official said that the Municipal Administration and Water Supply Department will implement it in municipalities and rural areas. Read also will be forwarded to the concerned authorities for redressal. Also, some of the important facilities that can be availed using the new system include payment of property and water tax, obtaining birth and death certificates, registering general complaints, projects Granting approvals, obtaining business licenses, various notices and information issued by the government, waste. This project will start soon. Not only this, apart from residential areas, QR codes will also be pasted at bus stations, parks, cemeteries, playgrounds, wellness centers and public toilets, with an aim to improve the condition of these places and enable people to give their suggestions Is. Besides, complaints will be received at a centralized control center and forwarded to the concerned authorities for redressal, the official said.

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