Phonepe UPI Lite | After Paytm, PhonePe launches UPI Lite feature, will be able to pay this much without password

File Photo Mumbai: Digital payments platform PhonePe has launched its UPI Lite feature for all from today. This facility is supported by all major banks and accepts UPI and QR at all merchants across the country. The facility operates through ‘on-device’ balance which facilitates very fast real time payments for low cost transactions. Payment up to Rs 200 in one click Online transactions are on the rise in India ever since the Government of India launched the UPI system. Many UPI based apps are available on Google Play Store. Phone Pe is a UPI based app. UPI is a service operated by NPCI. UPI system is used for banking services. Using UPI is very secure. So we can do many online payments. Phone pe app which you can also call as mobile wallet. Because with the help of this app you can buy mobile recharge, mobile bill, gas bill, electricity bill, dish recharge, money transfer, online shopping, fasttag etc. UPI Lite This feature allows users to make payments at low cost. Through this feature, users will be able to pay up to Rs 200 in a single click even without entering the PIN. Also read No KYC required This makes transactions easier and faster than regular UPI transactions. UPI Lite account users can activate through a simple process on the PhonePe app. No KYC is required for this. Users can add Rs 2000 to their UPI Lite account. Also, transactions of Rs 200 or less can be done at a time. UPI Lite users will get an SMS every day on how many transactions they have done in a day. In which the UPI Lite transaction history done by him through the bank in December will be visible. Rahul Chari, co-founder and chief technology officer, PhonePe, said that UPI LITE is a core part of the UPI Stack offering. Its objective is to enhance the user experience of making digital payments. UPI Lite will make UPI faster and easier without putting pressure on the existing UPI infrastructure.

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