Online Portal | Political parties will now be able to file financial statements through online portal

File Photo Delhi: The Election Commission on Monday launched an online portal for registered political parties to file their financial statements including contribution reports and election expenditure accounts. This step of the commission is being seen as an attempt to bring more transparency in matters related to donations and expenditure of political parties. Will publish all reports online The sources said the move is part of the Election Commission’s ‘3C strategy’ led by Chief Election Commissioner Rajeev Kumar to strengthen transparency and accountability in political donations and expenditure through Cleanliness, Action and Action. compliance is included. Political parties who do not wish to file financial reports through online medium, shall intimate the reasons for not doing so in writing and may continue to file reports in hard copy format along with CDs or pen drives in the prescribed formats. In a statement, the Election Commission said, “The commission will publish all such reports online. Also make public the explanation letter sent by the party for not filing the financial statements online. In a letter to political parties, the commission said this step has been taken with two objectives. This includes removing difficulties in physically filing reports and ensuring timely filing in a standardized format. Also read Level of transparency expected to increase The portal will facilitate online filing of contribution report, annual audit report and election expenditure statement by political parties. The Election Commission said that as per the Representation of the People Act, 1951 and the transparency guidelines issued by the Commission from time to time over the years, political parties are required to submit these financial details to the Election Commission/Chief Electoral Officers of the States/UTs. Online availability of data is expected to increase the level of compliance and transparency, the statement said. (agency)

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