Nitin Gadkari | Union Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari earns so many lakhs from Youtube, know what kind of videos he makes

File Photo Mumbai: Our senses fly away after seeing the figures of earnings of YouTubers. But Union Minister Nitin Gadkari also earns lakhs of rupees from YouTube. He is popular as a visionary leader and a practical minister. Many people have been influenced by his thoughts. He not only has millions of followers but also subscribers on YouTube. We are seeing with open eyes the attraction of their ideas, inexhaustible experiments, talkative personalities, direction of the project. There are many channels on YouTube where Gadkari speaks and people listen to him leaving work. But which videos do they make, which videos get the most likes, let’s know… 5.27 lakh people have subscribed to the channel so far Gadkari recently participated in the Indian Economic Conference (IEC) 2023. On this occasion, he gave information about various development schemes in the country. He revealed how much he earns from YouTube. In 2015, he started a channel on YouTube. The channel posts videos of all his speeches, press conferences and media coverage. Viewers go gaga over his videos. So far 5.27 lakh people have subscribed to his channel. Union Minister Nitin Gadkari gave information about earning from YouTube, which attracted innumerable fans, fans and viewers during the Corona epidemic. He revealed that he earns Rs 4 lakh per month from his YouTube channel. During the Corona Pandemic, his lectures on YouTube attracted innumerable fans, followers and viewers. The number of his YouTube subscribers increased a lot. He told some funny stories about being locked in the house due to Corona. Also read 950 online lectures Union Minister Gadkari remained imprisoned at home like everyone else during Corona. But they were joined by officers, staff and the public with modern weapons. This time he cooked food at home. Lectures were conducted through video conferencing. He took 950 online lectures during this period. He lectured to foreign students. He uploaded all these lectures on YouTube. He became popular. Now he gets royalty of Rs 4 lakh every month from this video.

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