New Rule For Sim | Now so many SIM cards will be available on one ID, new rules will come soon, government warns telecom companies

File Photo Mumbai: The government is taking several steps to deal with cybercrime, SIMs play an important role in fraud incidents, due to which the government is now going to limit the number of SIMs per person. For the information of the people, let us tell you that the Union Telecom Ministry is now going to reduce the number of SIMs per person from 9 to 4 or 5. The government may issue instructions in this regard to the telecom companies by next week. This will curb the increasing cases of fraud. The government has also launched a website, through which any SIM user can find out how many SIMs are currently active in his name. Not only this, if you see a number in your name that you have never received, you can block that number with one click. To know how many SIMs are active in your name, visit the website According to some sources related to the Telecom Ministry, the central agencies have given some instructions regarding the role of SIM in the increasing cases of fraud and cyber fraud. To implement these directions, the PMO has asked the ministry to take immediate steps, including reducing the number of SIMs per person. Read this too Sim’s role in 99% of cases According to a report, the cases of cyber fraud and fraud are increasing continuously in the country and it is worth noting that in 99% of the cases, Sim’s role is there. The government has made a lot of improvement in the process of buying a sim as compared to earlier, but due to the carelessness of the people, fraudsters start the game of cheating by making fake sims in the name of people and when the agencies track the sim, the real sim is found. The owner cannot be traced. Nobody uses 9 sims anyway and a limited number of four or five sims is enough, says expert Sandeep. Since the number is high, there is more scope for fraudsters to fool people and get a SIM in their name. According to Telecom Ministry sources, telecom companies will soon issue instructions to reduce the number of SIMs as well as make personal verification mandatory in KYC. If any negligence is found in this, then strict action will be taken by the government on this mistake made by the telecom companies.

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