Nasa Warning | NASA has given a warning! Today 200 feet long asteroid is moving towards the earth, it can be dangerous for the earth

File Photo Mumbai: Today the earth has to face one such asteroid. Whose size is 200 feet. This size is comparable to the size of an aeroplane. The distance between the Earth and the asteroid will reduce to only 56 lakh 30 thousand km. Although this distance seems huge to hear and see, there is nothing beyond the universe. The American space agency NASA has given information about this asteroid 2023 JD2. Dinosaurs were also wiped out for this reason, it is also being said that it can be dangerous for the earth for some time. But, this does not mean that any asteroid can pose any threat to our earth. ‘2023 JD2’ is believed to be dangerous, potentially dangerous. Because, it will pass very close to the Earth. Till then scientists will keep monitoring it. until it moves away from the earth. If the direction of the asteroid changes or changes or if it comes more towards the earth then it can be dangerous for us. Scientists believe that billions of years ago, dinosaurs were wiped out from our earth for the same reason. Read this also, coming towards the earth at a speed of 891 km, which was destroyed after the collision of the asteroid. But, in some years we remember an incident of 2013. A 59-foot-wide asteroid crashed in Chelyabinsk, Russia. About 8000 buildings were damaged due to that asteroid. Along with this, thousands of people were also injured in this. Asteroid ‘2023 JD2’ is coming towards the earth at a speed of 46 thousand 891 km.

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