Nasa Warning | Beware! Asteroid of 1007 feet is moving towards the earth, NASA warns to be alert

File Photo Delhi: The National Aeronautics and Space Administration i.e. NASA has already warned the Earthlings about the danger. NASA has informed that an asteroid of 1007 feet is coming towards the earth at a speed of 62,723 km per hour. This asteroid is called Asteroid 2006 HV5. NASA has warned that it is coming towards the Earth and will be very close to it today i.e. on 26 April. Meanwhile, what will be the exact size of this asteroid coming towards the earth? It depends on how much damage it will do. The asteroid 2006 HV5 is an asteroid in the Aten group of asteroids. File Photo Read this also How much danger to the earth Meanwhile, is the planet in danger because of this small planet? Many people are asking this question. According to the information given by NASA, an asteroid with a distance of 46 lakhs and a size of more than 150 meters can be dangerous for the earth. Meanwhile, given the possible size of this asteroid, it is being described as a possible threat to the Earth, so NASA has warned to be cautious.

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