NASA Shocking Research | Shocking! Shocking revelation in NASA’s research, 30 minutes more life at stake, world will end

New Delhi: NASA does many different types of research, recently one such research has been done about which you will be stunned. Actually NASA has warned people about the danger of solar storm. Yes, NASA has said that if there is a huge solar storm in the future, then this alert can be issued 30 minutes before the Earth. If people keep themselves safe in these 30 minutes, then there will be some scope left or it will not take long to see the scene of devastation, this research has surprised everyone. Let’s know what research says… What is DAGGER technique? For information, let us tell you that NASA scientists are researching a new technology called Dagger to save the world from the threat of solar storm. According to a report in the Daily Star, Dagger will help provide more information about solar storms. With the help of this technology, a solar storm can be predicted a few minutes in advance and its direction can also be told. With this we can be alerted in advance. Read this also Effect of radiation on the world Scientists say that radiation emanating from solar storms can affect the whole world. Not only this but it also affects the environment around the earth. Significantly, many solar storms have been recorded before this in history. A solar storm was recorded in 1989 in Quebec City, Canada. Due to this, the electricity of the entire city failed. It may be noted that in the year 1859, a powerful solar storm was seen in America, which shook the whole of America. Difficult to predict Solar storms are also known as geomagnetic storms. Its biggest impact is being seen on radio signals, power grids and communication signals. The satellites orbiting the Earth in space have more influence on them, due to which there is a problem in the collection of data. For example, when solar storms affect weather forecasting satellites, signal problems arise. This makes it difficult to predict the weather. At present, this research of NASA has surprised everyone.

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