Mobile Ranking | Now the days of Xiaomi are gone, the company is out of top 3! Know the number one smartphone brand in India

File Photo Mumbai: India’s smartphone market is one of the largest mobile markets in the world and foreign companies are eyeing it. Chinese company Xiaomi was the number one smartphone brand in India for a long time but now 2023 has been a disappointing year for the company. According to the IDC report, Xiaomi is now at number four while Samsung is at number one. Number one smartphone brand in India Samsung is currently the number one smartphone brand in India, according to IDC’s report. This number is based on the results of the first quarter of the year. Accordingly, between January-February-March, Samsung has shipped 6.2 million smartphone units and thus the company’s market share in the market has increased to 20.1%. Which is the highest compared to other smartphone brands. Xiaomi lost the number one, this news is very disappointing for the fans of Xiaomi. Xiaomi became the number one smartphone brand in India in the first quarter of last year, but could not even make it to the top 3 in the first quarter this year. Earlier the company had a market share of 23.4% with 8.5 million shipments, but in Q1 2023 the brand could only sell 5.0 million smartphone units and the market share dropped to 16.4%. Also read India’s Top 3 Smartphone Brands Samsung has taken the number one crown in terms of selling the most smartphones. While the Chinese brand Vivo as well as Oppo has also performed shockingly to everyone. Both these brands were outside the top 3 in Q2 2023 but this year they have grabbed the 2nd and 3rd position respectively. Vivo has a market share of 17.7% while Oppo has a market share of 17.6%.

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