Mini USB Fan | Carry this fan anywhere in summer, it is charged by USB, the price is less than an air phone

File Photo Mumbai: The whole country is currently facing severe heat. If you are taking a walk outside in the afternoon, there is no doubt that the scorching sun will take you by surprise. At least when you are at home, you can somehow sit by the fan. But what if such a fan goes out with you? how cool! Now it is possible that you may not be able to carry a big fan at home, but you can keep a small mini fan around your neck. Many companies have come up with such rechargeable portable fans and today we will know about one such fan… Amazon is giving 47% discount Popular shopping site Amazon is offering huge discount on VERVENIX Hand Free Neck Fan. This fan is available for almost half the price. You can also apply more discount coupons. After which this mini-USB fan can be bought for less than 400. The original price of VERVENIX Hand Free Neck Fan is Rs.999. But the fan deal is available on Amazon at a discount of 47% for just Rs.529. Also the price of the fan has come down to Rs.400 as there is a Rs.129 coupon available on Amazon. Also Read Features of VERVENIX Hand Free Neck Fan This VERVENIX Hand Free Neck Fan, as the name suggests, is a neck band, so it is like a neck headphone that can be dropped anywhere..this fan can be used You can do while going to office, camping and trip. This fan has two fans and both rotate 360 ​​degrees. Also, since this phone is made of skin friendly material, it can be worn around the neck for a long time. It can be charged with USB charge.

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