malware | ‘Daam’ virus steals call records of Android phones, central agency issues advisory

File Photo Delhi: Hacks old activities done in Android’s ‘Daam’ and sensitive data like camera. The National Cyber ​​Security Agency has given this information in its consultation. The ‘Indian Computer Emergency Response Team’ or ‘CERT-In’ reported that the virus was “capable of evading anti-virus programs and launching ransomware attacks into targeted devices”. The agency is the federal technology branch responsible for protecting the cyberspace from online attacks, including phishing and hacking. Trying to evade security checks The agency said the Android botnet is distributed through third-party websites or applications downloaded from untrustworthy/unknown sources. It has been said in the report that once it reaches the device, the malware tries to evade the security checks of the device and after successful in this, it takes permission to steal sensitive data, know the activities done in the mobile and read the call records, etc. tries to. It added that ‘Daam’ is capable of recording phone calls, hacking contact list, accessing camera, changing device password, taking screenshots, stealing SMS, downloading/uploading files, etc. Also read The agency has advised to avoid visiting untrustworthy websites and clicking on ‘untrusted links’. It advised not to download ‘anti-virus’ and ‘anti-spyware’ software and to be alert to messages from phone numbers with “suspicious numbers”. (agency)

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