Kim Jong Un’s Sister On US | Kim Jong Un’s sister targeted America for criticizing satellite launch, said this big thing

File Photo Seoul: The sister of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un hit out at the US on Thursday for criticizing her country for the launch of a spy satellite. He accused the US of “gangster-like” hypocrisy and insisted that a successful launch (of the satellite) would be held soon. Actually, North Korea tried to launch a spy satellite on Wednesday, but it failed. North Korea was criticized by the US, South Korea and Japan immediately after the launch. US National Security Council spokesman Adam Hogg said that Washington strongly condemns the spy satellite launch by North Korea, because it has banned ballistic missile technology. escalated tensions and threatened to destabilize security in the region and elsewhere. Responding to Hogg’s statement, Kim Jong Un’s sister Kim Yo said that the US is talking clichés and gibberish because of its distorted thinking. Kim Yo said, “If sanctions are to be imposed on North Korea over satellite launches, then the US and all other countries, which have already launched thousands of satellites, should also be condemned. Also read Satellite will soon be placed in space orbit This is nothing but self-contradictory sophistry. He said it has long been argued that only North Korea is not allowed to do so according to UN Security Council resolutions banning the use of ballistic rocket systems, while other countries are doing so. This is clear gangster behavior and a violation of North Korea’s right to use outer space. Kim Yo insisted that North Korea will successfully put its spy satellite into orbit soon. (agency)

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