Jio Cinema Plan | Jio Cinema premium subscription service finally launched, everything from plan price to benefits in one click

File Photo Delhi: Jio Cinema app has now reached every phone as Jio Cinema has provided users with free live streaming of major events like FIFA World Cup 2022 and now IPL 2023. After which finally now Jio has launched its premium service in India. Recently the company launched Jio Cinema Premium and under Jio Cinema Premium the customers can enjoy exclusive programs from the studio. Interestingly, the popular series Game of Thrones, which was not available on OTT until now, will now be available on Jio Cinema Premium and the JioCinema app can be downloaded on both Android and iOS. 999 JioCinema Premium subscription plan for one year currently costs Rs 999. You can use this plan on any device. The company has claimed that Jio Cinema will have high quality video and audio. You can also use this plan with family and friends. This is the annual plan of the company. Read this too There are plans of Rs 99 too A few days back Jio Cinema Gold, Daily and Platinum Plans were also revealed. The company is yet to announce the prices of the premium plans of Jio Cinema. Its official announcement is yet to come but some social media users have shared the prices of JioCinema Premium on social media. There will be three plans under Jio Cinema Premium, out of which the Gold plan will be priced at Rs 99 and will be valid for three months. Under this plan, you can use one account on two devices. In particular, it is being said that there will be a plan of Rs 2 per day.

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