Iphone News | iPhone 14 is the most disappointing phone, know what is the reason

File Photo Mumbai: For the last few years, Apple has been launching iPhone 14 Review with old design. As before, the item is no longer in design, nor are fans as keen on the design as they used to be. Apple has maintained its popularity among the people over the years but this is not the case with the iPhone 14. The iPhone 5 was criticized for the last time in the last decade, but the iPhone 14 received the lowest rating ever. Apparently the study was not done by Apple, but by a company called Perfect Rec, which claims to have studied over 6,69,000 user reviews. Why the iPhone 14 was not popular The study found that the iPhone 14 was not as popular among people as the previous iPhone. The graph above clearly shows that there has been a slight decline in the popularity of the iPhone 5. Apart from this, the rating of all phones from iPhone 6 to iPhone 13 has increased. The iPhone 13 received a 5-star rating of up to 80%, while the iPhone 14 dropped to 72%. It is not that this drop is seen only in the base model of the iPhone 14 as well as the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max. Read also iPhone has improved over time The increase in iPhone’s 5 star rating is because the iPhone has improved over time. As far as the drop in rating of iPhone 14 is concerned, it is probably because of the fact that Apple is not making any major changes in its hardware, features and design. Apart from this, the company has used the old processor in the latest generation iPhone. Not only this, the new Dynamic Island feature is reserved only for the Pro model. Due to these reasons the rating has also fallen.

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