House On Moon | Now China will build a house on the moon, 3D printing technology will be used, know what is the complete plan

File Photo Mumbai: The present era is the era of science and many countries have made progress in various fields with the help of technology. At present, the speed of technological changes is also very large. With the help of this technology, some countries are thinking of building houses not only on the earth but also on the moon. China has started working fast in this direction. For this, China is going to work on many missions. China is planning to send humans to the moon by 2030. America is already working on this mission. Now China has joined the queue. Through this campaign, China will build a house on the Moon (Lunar Habitation) and will take the help of Moon 3D Printing Technology. The main objective of China’s lunar mission is currently preparing to send humans to the moon. For this, China has decided some phases of the campaign. According to a Chinese report, China is going to start building houses on the moon. Initially, 3D printing technology will be used for this. For this, China is working on a plan to make clay bricks through ‘robotic mason’. At present, China is planning to send humans to the moon by 2030. For this, it is believed that China will focus on maximum use of resources available on the moon. This is the main objective of China. File Photo Read this also China’s lunar mission will be like this China is planning to send human passengers to the moon, the lunar mission will go through several phases. For this, the phases of China’s Chang’e-6, China’s Chang’e-7 and Chang’e-8 missions have been set. This campaign will remain in force till 2030. According to a report, Chang’e-8 mission will be a special mission of China. Can humans live on the moon through this mission? Is the environment friendly to humans? And are there minerals under the ground? This information will be collected. Also, China is planning to build some space stations on the moon to stay on the moon for a long time. For that, it is understood that this space station will be built considering the environment there. This clearly shows how China can make maximum use of the resources on the moon. By 2030, China can start building houses on the moon with the help of 3D printing.

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