Gravity Hole | Scientists find a huge ‘gravity hole’ in the Indian Ocean

File Photo Delhi: Researchers at the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore have detected a ‘gravity hole’ of more than 3 million square kilometers in size in the Indian Ocean. The presence of this region has been detected just south of Sri Lanka. At this point the Earth’s gravitational force is weakest and the sea level is more than 100 meters below global level. The researchers noted that in the absence of tides and currents in the ocean, all water would settle at an imaginary sea level and would rise up where there was more gravity and sink down where there was less gravity. The sea surface has gone down by 106 meters This place called ‘Indian Ocean Geoid Low’ has very low gravity, where the sea surface has gone down by 106 meters. Atrayi Ghosh, Assistant Professor at the Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore, said, “The existence of the Indian Ocean geoid low has been one of the longest-standing puzzles in Earth science. It is a state of gravity disequilibrium on Earth and there is no consensus yet about its source. Also read In a study published in the journal Geophysical Research Letters, the IISc team along with researchers from the JFZ German Research Center for Geosciences analyzed the missing mass, which is responsible for the ‘geoid low’. Several studies in the past have tried to answer this, mostly by attributing it to the remnants of a former plate that went under another plate in the Earth’s mantle millions of years ago, although its No interpretation has yet been made that confirms the source.

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