Google Translator | 68-year-old woman lost in Kedarnath reunited with her family with the help of Google Translator, know how

File Photo Mumbai: A 68-year-old woman leaves for Kedarnath Yatra with her family. She was very excited and happy to spend time with her family and experience the beauty of the holy place. But everything changed in an instant, when she got separated from her family in the crowd. In a strange place, she could not even speak their language, and no one could understand her language. Being separated from her family and living alone, she was truly devastated. She doesn’t know what to do, but eventually with the help of technology, she manages to reach her family. Could not speak Hindi or English The woman was from Andhra Pradesh and knew Telugu well, but could not speak Hindi or English. Fighting for her life, she was pleading for help from people around, but no one could understand what she was saying. The woman was very upset. When the police found the woman, they too could not talk to her. The woman was eventually able to communicate with strangers using Google Translate, which allowed her to contact her family. 68-year-old woman separated from her family due to bad weather According to a report, the woman was separated from her family due to bad weather while returning from Kedarnath. The police who found her told that the woman was in a delirious condition at the Gaurikund shuttle parking. The woman could not talk to the police officers. When we tried to talk to her, we realized that she could not speak either in Hindi or in English. She was speaking only Telugu. Through gestures, we assured her that she would see her family again. We pacified her by giving her some food and took the help of Google translator to understand what she was trying to tell us. Also read Police contacted the woman with the help of Google translator After this, the police dialed the number given by the woman in Telugu and found out that her family is in Sonprayag. Her family was about eight kilometers away from Gaurikund, where the old woman lived alone behind. Through Google translator, the police were able to contact the woman’s family, who were searching for the 68-year-old woman. Soon after the woman’s family was traced, the police arranged a vehicle and the woman was taken back to her family in Sonprayag, the official said. Interestingly, Google Translate can translate text in over 100 languages. You can type or write text in the Google Translate website or app. Google translator will translate the text into your preferred language. Or if you want to communicate with someone who doesn’t understand your language, you can speak a sentence into Google Translate’s microphone. Google translator will translate the sentence into the language of your choice. The Google Translator app is available for both Android and iOS devices. The app allows you to translate text, speak a sentence, take a picture of the text, and translate conversations in real time.

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