Google Got a Big Blow | Google got a big blow from Samsung, Apple, default browser delete, ‘this’ is the reason

File Pic Mumbai: As soon as we say search engine, first of all Google comes in front of our eyes. Google has been famous as a search engine for a long time. Google owns about 90% of the search engine world. But perhaps now the bad days of Google have begun. Because Google’s influence as a search engine is decreasing and big companies like Samsung and Apple are starting to move away from Google. Till now the Google search engine was given by default in Samsung and Apple smartphones. Google used to earn a lot from this every year. But now Microsoft Bing is becoming more famous as a search engine instead of Google. Demand for Microsoft Bing increased Microsoft Bing, a search engine based on AI technology, has now come in the market, which is much better than Google in terms of searching. In such a situation, Samsung has decided to leave Google’s default search engine and provide Bing in its smartphones. Due to which Google is worried about its loss. Till now, by providing the Google search engine in Samsung phones by default, the Google company was earning around $3 billion in annual revenue. In such a situation, Google is likely to suffer a big loss. Also, if Apple starts providing Bing search engine in its smartphones like Samsung, then it will cause huge loss to Google every year. Read this also Google is also ready to give two hands Google is worried about its business. Due to which Google has started working on a new AI based search engine, which the company can launch soon. For this, Google has started working on a new project named Magi, which will create AI chatbots similar to ChatGPT. In 2022, the business of Google search will be around $ 162 billion. However, Google is likely to suffer due to the AI ​​based search engine.

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