Google Bard | Google Bard launched in 180+ countries to compete with ChatGTP, supports 40 languages ​​including Hindi

File Photo Mumbai: Tech company Google has launched AI chatbot ‘Bard’ at its biggest event ‘Google I/O 2023’ held in California on Wednesday night. Bard is now available in 180 countries including India. Earlier it was only available in UK and US. This Google chatbot will compete with OpenAI’s ChatGPT. Bard first launched with text only. But now Google has also added visuals for better responsiveness. How to use Google’s new chatbot? First go to and log in to your Google account In the new page that opens click on the ‘Try Me’ option at the bottom right Click on ‘I agree’ at the bottom of the page Bard’s Privacy Accept Most popular coding on Bard Google recently changed Bard to PaLM 2, a more capable and larger language model. Bard’s advanced math, reasoning skills and coding abilities have increased since his arrival on the Palm 2. Bard, coding has become one of the hottest things in the last few weeks. People are using it a lot. Google Lens has also been added to the Bard. Bard will give details after seeing this image. Bard will integrate with Google Docs, Drive, Gmail, Maps and other products to enhance the experience. This means you will be able to use Bard in Docs, Drive, Gmail as well. In addition, Bard will be able to integrate with extensions from external partners such as Adobe FireFly. This will allow you to easily and quickly turn your creative ideas into high-quality images. Artificial Intelligence has changed lives The event was started by the company’s CEO Sundar Pichai sharing information about ‘Bard’ and many upcoming features of Google. He talked about Artificial Intelligence and how it is going to change the future. Pichai talked about how generative AI will be used in Google Search in the future. He said that you write about your idea in Google search bar and with the help of AI, Google search will give you the best results. So chatbot Bard will work in 40 languages ​​like Hindi, Bangla. Although currently it only works in English, Japanese and Korean languages. Users can also ask questions through visuals. AI support will be available in Google Sheets Now by putting a prompt in Google Sheets, you will be able to create sheets with the help of AI. If you want a sheet that has all the details of the employees, you indicate it in the search box of the sheet, then that sheet will be generated. Google has announced support for new tools in its AI-based chatbot ‘Bard’. Bard will take care of the security and privacy of the users. Also read AI support will be available in Google Photos Pichai said that AI powered editing tools will be available in Google Photos by the end of this year. Photo editing will become easier with the help of these tools. Magic eraser tool will erase any object without affecting the background with the help of AI. In addition, Google Photos will have a magic gadget that will redraw empty space when you move (move) an object in a photo.

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