Gmail | Typing mail on Gmail became even easier, AI will do this work for you

File Photo Mumbai: The world is becoming digital day by day and the craze of AI is increasing among people. AI has made the work of people much easier. AI works great in minutes. AI is rapidly expanding its reach into writing, software development, data analysis, and education. Looking at the future of Artificial Intelligence, Google has also joined the race. During an event launched in 180 countries, Google CEO Sundar Pichai introduced the company’s new feature to the public. Sundar Pichai said that work has been done to make Google Bard more secure. Google has put more emphasis on Generative Artificial Intelligence. You can use generative artificial intelligence for Google Photos, Gmail, and Google Maps to make many of your tasks easier. According to media reports, at present it has been launched in 180 countries. Also read Works in 40 languages ​​Google said at I/O 2023 that you can use AI to generate captions with photos. This AI simplifies the email process by generating contacts according to your preferences. Google Bard works in 40 languages ​​and can easily increase its reach to people. It used to take you hours to compose an e-mail, but Google AI can do it for you in seconds. To improve its map, Google has started showing it in Bird’s Eye View. This is simply called immersive view. With the help of this you will get 3D view in the map. Google has recently launched this feature. Google has launched Magic Editor for image editing, with the help of which many types of changes can be made easily in the photo.

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