FM In Mobile | Now every phone will have FM radio, government order to mobile companies

File Photo Delhi: Once upon a time FM radio used to be a means of entertainment in mobile phones. Then came the camera and then the memory card. Then the Internet came and everything changed. As time passed, internet usage increased and FM radio gradually disappeared from phones. Mobile companies have also stopped providing FM radio in their smartphones. But now the old days may return soon. The Central Government has issued an order making it mandatory for all mobile manufacturers to provide FM radio in their mobiles. The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology has issued a new order, according to which all mobile companies will have to provide FM radio in their new phones. The Central Government has asked the Indian Cellular and Electronics Association (ICEA) and Manufacturers Association for Information Technology (MAIT) to take necessary steps in this regard. What the government actually said FM radios are usually found in feature phones with buttons. Many smartphone mobile brands do not have FM radio feature in their mobiles. But now the government says that every type of mobile phone should have FM radio receiver and it should be kept active. The government has clearly said that if the chipset in the phone supports the radio function, then no mobile company can disable it. Also read What are the benefits of giving FM radio in phone FM radio does not require internet data. It can also be operated without mobile network. At the time of disaster it can give message to all. In case of emergency, contact can be established by radio. What is the reason for not providing FM radio in smartphones Most of the LTE modems present in today’s smartphones are capable of accessing the radio, but mobile companies nowadays disable it. Although no specific reason for doing so is clearly mentioned, it is likely that the FM radio has been deactivated for apps that provide online audio streaming services.

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