Elon Musk | Elon Musk’s big announcement, Twitter will soon launch video app for Smart TV

file photo Mumbai: Elon Musk has once again made a big announcement. Twitter will soon launch a video app for smart TVs. Elon Musk himself has given this information. A user with a Twitter account named SM Robinson said, ‘We really need a Twitter video app for smart TVs. I don’t watch an hour long video on Twitter. To which Musk replied, “It’s launching soon.” Made many changes in Twitter Meanwhile, Alan Musk has made many changes in Twitter after acquiring the company. One of them is social media video. Earlier, Twitter allowed its verified users to upload a video of 2 hours. Musk had said that Twitter Blue verified users can now upload videos (8 GB) for up to 2 hours. Earlier, Elon Musk had said that Twitter would soon have to pay $5 million to creators for advertisements. Musk tweeted on Saturday that in a few weeks X/Twitter would start paying creators for the ads they placed in their replies. Also read Twitter changes its paid plans According to US-based tech portal TechCrunch, Twitter has changed its paid plans and increased the previous limit of 60 minutes to two hours. The company also revised its Twitter blue page and said that the video file size limit for paid users has now been increased from 2GB to 8GB. In the past, uploading videos was only possible from the web, but now it is also possible through the iOS app. TechCrunch reports that the maximum quality for the payload is still at 1080p.

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