Elon Musk | ChatGPT and Bard will now compete, Musk will set up a new company, war will break out in ‘AI’

File Photo Texas: Artificial Intelligence (AI) remains a topic of discussion at the moment. Twitter owner Elon Musk has also jumped into this fray. For this, a company named XAI has been established. They have bought thousands of graphics processors and systems for AI and computing. Musk will compete with Open Eye’s ChatGPT and Google’s Bard. Musk registers XAI in Texas. The company is headquartered in Nevada. He himself is the only listed director of the company. Jared Birchall, director of his family office, has been named company secretary. The sale of 10 crore shares of the company has been approved. Many engineers appointed Musk has hired many engineers working in AI field. He is also discussing with the investors of Space X and Tesla about investing in new schemes. ChatGPT currently dominates the field of AI. Also read It started on November 30 last year. Within a month, the number of users had increased to more than 10 thousand. This year, Google also announced Bard, an AI. Now Musk’s XAI is going to enter this competition.

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