Cover Heads Scientific Reason | Know the scientific reason why people cover their heads at religious places

Seema Kumari New Delhi: Worship has great importance in Sanatan Dharma. To maintain happiness and prosperity in the house, every man prays to God in his own way. Some go to the temple and some worship at home with full rituals. Apart from this, there is a special significance of covering the head at the time of worship. Then whether it is a woman or a man. In religious places both are advised to cover their heads. The tradition of head covering has been going on for centuries. Which is still prevalent in the Indian society. Let us know the spiritual and scientific reasons. According to the scriptures, it is considered necessary to cover the head at religious places because religious places are considered most sacred. Also it is a good way to show our respect towards God. Another reason for covering the head is that the hair may fall on the worship material if there is nothing on the head. This makes the things of worship impure. And impure worship materials are never offered to the Lord. Otherwise you do not get the fruit of worship. It is said that by covering one’s head one’s mind does not wander here and there while worshiping. There is also a reason that negative energy can enter the hair. It is also necessary to cover the head to protect against negative energies. This tradition has been going on for centuries. For all these reasons, covering the head has been said to be necessary. Apart from the religious reason for the rituals in Sanatan Dharma, there are also scientific reasons. Similarly, there are scientific reasons for covering the head in religious places. According to science, celestial electric waves can enter the open head. Due to this, a person has to face many problems like anger, headache, trouble in the eyes. According to experts, hair also has magnetic power. In such a situation, disease-causing germs easily come in contact with it. Covering the head also protects against these germs. Crowds are often found at religious places. In such a situation, it is necessary to cover the head to avoid all these problems.

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