China Action On Social Media | China’s action on social media accounts, at least 14 lakh posts were deleted due to ‘these’ reasons

File Photo Mumbai: The Chinese government has become more cautious about posting wrong content on social media. China’s cyberspace administration has removed 1.4 million social media posts after a two-month investigation into disinformation and profiteering. China’s Cyberspace Administration has blocked 67,000 social media accounts. Lakhs of posts have been removed between March 10 and May 22. Billions of social media accounts targeted In early 2021, China has targeted billions of social media accounts in a bid to clean up its cyberspace. Popular Chinese social media apps including WeChat, Douyin and Weibo have been banned from the CAC. These apps come under self media category. Which brings news and information to the public but is not operated by the government. If these accounts publicize sensitive or important information related to the Communist Party, the government, or the military, they often face scrutiny and censorship. According to the CAC, out of 67,000 permanently suspended accounts, nearly 8,000 were suspended for spreading fake news, rumors or harmful information. Minor penalties were imposed on an additional 9,30,000 accounts. Like, removing followers, temporarily banning or revoking privileges. Read also More than 100,000 accounts closed CAC has recently closed more than 100,000 accounts. Who have provided fake news coverage with the help of AI technology. Around 45,000 accounts have been suspended for illegal activities, raising serious issues. CAC has targeted 13,000 fake military accounts in the crackdown. Whose names were Chinese Red Army Command, Chinese Anti-Terrorism Force and Strategic Missile Force.

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