Chat GPT News | Good news for artificial intelligence lovers, now download ChatGPT in your phone

File Photo Mumbai: ChatGPT is currently being used worldwide. New updates are also coming out in this regard. Artificial Intelligence ie AI will be used in this. This feature will now be made available to iPhone users in the US. After America, this facility will be started for customers in India as well. Chat GPT is considered good for the future. People can get many benefits from this. The discussion of AI ChatGPT is going on in full swing. On one hand this app is becoming very popular and on the other hand the number of its iPhone users is increasing. Will be able to use all the features There are some special reasons why ChatGPT is popular among people. As per a report, this app is gaining more traction and the number of users is expected to increase but this ChatGPT is now launched on Play Store for iPhone users. Which can be of great benefit to the users. Only people who have an iPhone will be able to use ChatGPT. Users will not have to pay any fee to use this app. You can search anything you want on this app and get the answer within seconds. iPhone users will be able to use all the features found in AI ChatGPT. At present, this app is going to be launched only in America. These users can use it. AI ChatGPT will also come to India in the near future and iPhone users in India will also be able to use it soon. Based on the feedback given by the users, it has been said that they will make the desired changes. Also Read What is AI ChatGPT? ChatGPT stands for (Generative Pretrain Transformer). This software also gives you clear and accurate answers to questions like Google. Chat GPT is built by OpenAI. It works like Google search engine. But the way of answering it is quite different from Google. Google gives you many website links to answer any question. But Chat GPT answers your question directly. In such a situation, Chat GPT can give a good competition to Google in the coming time.

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