Asteroid Warning | Attention Today 3 asteroids came close to the earth, all three are ‘dangerous’ for the earth

Mumbai: The National Aeronautics and Space Administration i.e. NASA has once again informed the people of the earth about asteroids. The interesting thing is that today not one or two but a total of three asteroids are going to pass close to the Earth. All these three asteroids are in the ‘potentially dangerous’ category for the Earth because if they change their direction and focus towards the Earth, they can cause huge damage to the Earth. An asteroid coming near the Earth (2023 KS) is the most dangerous. The most challenging asteroid named 2023 KS, when it comes close to the Earth, the distance between the two will be only 2.35 lakh kilometers. Because a distance of a few lakh kilometers in space is considered minor. Scientists consider asteroids ‘potentially hazardous’, which pass within a radius of 8 million kilometers or less from the Earth. These asteroids are seen with the help of telescope. Each asteroid is given a name starting with a number. Today the starting number of all three asteroids coming towards the earth is 2023. That is, they have been discovered this year. Among these, the asteroid named 2023 KS is the most challenging. About 36 feet long asteroid can be as big as a bus. It is part of the Apollo group of asteroids. If this asteroid changes its direction and collides with the earth, then it can cause a lot of damage. Scientists believe that billions of years ago, dinosaurs were wiped out from the earth due to the impact of an asteroid. Read this also The distance between the two is 51 lakh 70 thousand kilometers Today there is another asteroid near the earth (2023 JK3) which is about 93 feet wide, which is the size of an aeroplane. When it comes close to the Earth, the distance between the two will be 6 lakh 22 thousand kilometers. It is part of the Aten asteroid. Apart from these two asteroids, another asteroid named (2023 KQ) is coming closer to the earth today. It is the largest of the three, reaching a height of about 110 feet. When this asteroid will come close to the earth, the distance between the two will be 51 lakh 70 thousand kilometers. NASA has so far predicted that three asteroids will not cause any harm to the Earth.

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