AI Robot | Now this robot with human brain will work in the office, people’s jobs are in danger

File Photo Mumbai: The future of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is being discussed everywhere. Major breakthroughs in the world of technology over the past few years have shown just how powerful AI is. Now AI Chatbot Jasanki ChatGPT has made its place everywhere. Moreover, due to the latest updates in the technology of robots, it is seen that soon these robots will replace humans in many places. There is talk of AI powered robots performing various tasks just like humans. The company Sanctuary AI has introduced a special AI powered robot named Phoenix. The company claims that this robot has been designed exactly like a human and it will work like a human mind. So let’s see the detailed information about this robot… Vancouver-based robotics company Sanctuary AI, at the forefront of AI control systems, will present AI powered robot Phoenix. This AI based humanoid robot has been designed to perform office related tasks. The company claims that it will be the world’s first robot with human-like intelligence in robots for general use. This seems like a big step forward in an AI world dominated by chatbots. According to the company’s tweet, Phoenix is ​​the first carbon-powered humanoid machine, which is at the forefront of AI control systems. Also read Tasked with tasks ranging from packing luggage to tagging and cleaning, Phoenix is ​​an AI powered robot that weighs around 70 kg and is 5.7 feet tall. It has two hands which can perform dexterous tasks like human hands. This robot is capable of lifting up to 25 kg. The company demonstrated the robot’s capabilities at a retail store in Vancouver, where it was tasked with tasks ranging from packing goods to tagging and cleaning. The maximum speed of the robot is 3 mph.

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