AI Lay Off Jobs | Unemployment fell on people in ‘these’ 3 industries due to AI, latest report reveals shocking

Delhi: Artificial Intelligence or AI has taken the tech world by storm over the last few months. ChatGPT is an AI chatbot created by the company Open AI, which is in the news. Meanwhile, Google is also bringing its chatbot Google Bard. While the advantages of this AI are coming to the fore, some disadvantages are also coming to the fore and due to this artificial intelligence many people will lose their jobs, it has been revealed in a report. According to a report, it has come to light that due to this AI, people’s jobs in 3 sectors are at risk. The construction sector AI is the biggest threat to the jobs of people in this sector. Most of the machines are used in this field. Due to which the work of manpower has already reduced. In this case, while humans are required for customer service, these AI chatbots can also put these jobs at risk, leading to further job losses. There can be big changes in this sector also and many jobs can be in danger. Because these days many jobs can be lost due to the arrival of self-driving cars. Delivery is being done by drone. Due to all this, there is going to be a crisis on jobs like driver and delivery boy. Read this too Healthcare sector The use of AI has also increased in the healthcare sector. Radiologist Medical Transcriptionist job is now in danger. One of the leading names in the world of AI is Jeffrey Hinton. He was the first person to start working on the system of Artificial Intelligence. But a few days ago he resigned from Google and at that time he made an important statement about AI. While resigning from Google, he also made a tweet about AI. Jeffrey Hinton said that I left Google so that I could criticize Google. But basically I left Google so I could talk about the dangers of AI without thinking about how it affects Google. With his statement, he clearly explained that there are many dangers of artificial intelligence in the future.

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