WTC Final 2023 | Today in AUS vs IND WTC Final at The Oval, there is a danger of spoiling the game, know the forecast of the weather and when it will rain

PTI Photo WTC Final The fourth day’s play between AUS vs IND started on time today. India But, it is feared that rain may disturb the fourth day’s play today. The game may be messed up. According to the Meteorological Department from London, it is expected to rain in the afternoon in London. This can hinder the match. The weather remained pleasant for 3 consecutive days of the WTC Final AUS vs IND match which started from 7th June. The sky remained open. And, the players performed their hearts out in the field. But, there is a possibility of heavy rain on the fourth and fifth day of this historic match. What does today’s weather forecast say? It is feared that today, Saturday, June 10, there may be heavy rains. In such a situation, there is every possibility of spoiling the game. It is reported that there is a 70% chance of rain today. Lightning will also strike. If this happens, the match can be stopped. If the rain is heavy, then the temperature is also likely to drop. The sky will be cloudy between today and tomorrow. Significantly, on the third day of the match, after the first innings, Australia’s team had made a lead of 298 runs till the end of yesterday’s match in the second innings. And, till the time of writing the news on Saturday, Australia had made a lead of 309 runs and its 5 wickets had fallen. Vinay Kumar

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