WTC Final 2023 | A bigger crisis than rain is looming over the WTC final match, will this great match be canceled because of this?

New Delhi: The final match of the ICC World Test Championship (WTC Final 2023) will be played from today. This match will be between India and Australia. Some rules have been changed in this match. Also, there is a threat of rain in this test match. Meanwhile, a big update is coming out regarding the pitch of The Oval ground. Team India is practicing hard for this match. Pitches in England are generally considered to favor the bowlers. The ball swings more here, so the batsmen have a problem here. Regarding the pitch of The Oval, former England spinner Monty Panesar told news agency PTI that it is like Wankhede, meaning the pitch will bounce. The pitch curator has also confirmed that there will be bounce in the pitch. Read this also Two pitches prepared for the final The threat of rain is also looming in this match. The stadium management of The Oval has prepared two pitches for the WTC Final (WTC Final 2023). Oil Protest is currently going on in London. Protesters can damage this pitch. Two pitches have been prepared for this fear. If this happens then the match is likely to be played on another pitch. There is a protest against ‘Just Stop Oil’ in London. Demonstrators are opposing the new oil, gas and coal projects of the UK government. They demand that the government immediately cancel the licenses related to these projects. It is being speculated that these protesters may damage the pitch. Security arrangements have also been made regarding this. India vs Australia record (at The Oval) India – 14 Tests, 2 wins, 5 losses, 7 draws Australia – 38 matches, 7 wins, 17 losses, 14 draws India vs Australia Test record Total 106 matches – India won 32, Australia drew Won 44, Drawn 29, Drawn 1

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