Virender Sehwag on MS Dhoni | Gill’s game ended in just 0.1 second, Virender Sehwag stunned by MS Dhoni’s stumping, said this while praising

Ahmedabad: Chennai Super Kings have won the IPL (IPL 2023) title for the fifth time by defeating defending champions Gujarat Titans (CSK vs GT). Mahendra Singh Dhoni (MS Dhoni) once again got to see the fire in this match. During this match, Dhoni once again surprised everyone by showing his amazing. Shubman Gill of Gujarat played an important role in preventing Mumbai from reaching the final. Shubman Gill was the only challenge in front of Chennai as well. But Shubman Gill could not do anything in front of Dhoni’s speed. Dhoni did something behind the stumps that left the fans stunned. At the same time, after seeing such speed of Dhoni, even former India batsman Virender Sehwag could not stop himself from praising him. Also read MS Dhoni stumps with lightning speed and dismisses Shubman Gill. Dhoni’s reaction time during this stumping was just less than 0.1 second. That ball of Ravindra Jadeja was taking turn, in such a situation Shubman Gill went ahead and tried to play a defensive shot. But Gill’s attempt failed as Dhoni stood behind the stumps and Gill was stumped out. Dhoni stumped Gill in no time. It was visible in the replays that Gill could not bring his leg to the crease in time. Currently this video is going viral on social media. Wow! One can change bank notes from bank but behind the wickets one cannot change MS Dhoni! Nahi badal sakte .. As fast as ever MS Dhoni. — Virender Sehwag (@virendersehwag) May 29, 2023 Even Virender Sehwag could not stop himself from praising Mahi after watching the video of Dhoni’s stumping standing behind the wicket. Sehwag has praised Dhoni fiercely. Sehwag tweeted, “Great! You can change notes from the bank, but you can’t change MS Dhoni behind the wicket…MS Dhoni sharp as ever.” MS Dhoni, one of the most successful captains of Team India in his illustrious career so far, stood behind the wicket and showed the way to the pavilion to the good batsmen. So far Dhoni has taken 180 wickets including 138 catches without 42 stumpings. Dhoni is the most successful wicketkeeper of IPL. Dhoni is the highest wicket taker in terms of wicketkeeping. Dinesh Karthik is at number two with 169 wickets.

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